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Who's Behind Ivy's Locker?

Aliya Ivy calls him Dad, some call him an Entrepreneur, a Dreamer, a Risk Taker. He is those things but above all he's a Problem Solver who saw something wrong and found a solution. When  our daughter Aliya Ivy was born in 2018 we started to notice things we didn't notice before. Like the prices of some of the toys out there. For things that sometimes last a week and some maybe a lifetime the costs were piling up. Children develop, grow and need new things so much in such a short amount of time, playtime toys, educational tools, birthdays, the holidays, surprises, road trips, (*sheesh*) toy purchases almost become an every day thing! And if you're not a parent then you have friends having kids, gifts for the nieces and nephews, a plethora of scenarios. All that adds up to a pretty penny. Ivy's Locker was an idea that skyrocketed and was made into a reality due to hard work, long nights, dedication and a strong family behind him, Mr. Holness  worked tirelessly and now has a way to provide toys at lower bottom line prices than anywhere else. This is Ivy's Locker, a toy store made just for you by you! We're not a big corporation just trying to grease our pockets, we're a family owned toy store bringing the savings that we can get, directly to the customer. Our philosophy is simple: Toys For Less, we want affordable toys for everyone out there, not the price gouging we've all gone through with the other guys.

 Ivy's Locker can also provide personalized professional services to parents, gift seekers, daycares, schools, anywhere where toys are needed. We've already garnered alot of local attention, click below to read an article written on us by Montreal Families.

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The Big & Tall of it All

Ivy's Locker is a family that understands that play is the center of a child's development. So why should that play time cost an arm and a leg to provide children with the tools they need to succeed in life? It absolutely shouldn't, so we do everything possible to make sure that we provide developmental toys along with some of the hottest products on the market at the lowest prices in order to make things easier for everyone. We're out to provide the joy children deserve at rock bottom prices that everyone can afford. Why pay more with the big corporations who don't care?

Ivy's Locker is a Montreal based, family owned, E-commerce toy store providing toys at lower prices than the big corporations.